Want to find a city where your needs are met? You want to find a balance between green spaces and services? Boucherville will meet your expectations.

Located on the South Shore, only 15 minutes from Montreal, Boucherville will charm you with its natural beauty. Several parks are located near residential areas and are equipped with recreational and sports facilities for children of all ages (play modules, soccer fields, etc.). You will also find natural parks (developed natural environments) where activities in harmony with nature are offered, such as bird watching in the Parc de la Frayère. The view of the St. Lawrence River is breathtaking. In addition, many indoor and outdoor sports facilities enhance the lives of Boucherville residents.

Boucherville is distinguished by its rich historical past and harmonious development. Nestled on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, Old Boucherville, with its narrow streets and ancestral houses, is considered a jewel of Quebec’s architectural heritage.


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