Saint Hilaire

When you think of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, you immediately think of a beautiful suburb covered with apple trees on a mountainside. This is absolutely true. But if you take the time to talk to long-time Mont-Saint-Hilaire residents, you’ll realize that this pretty suburban town has many quiet charms that give it an incomparable quality of life.

Mont Saint-Hilaire was born from a burst of magma from the center of the earth. Although time has eroded its height a little, the splendors of its nature, accessible to residents, are all the more beautiful since they have been protected since 1978 since the mountain is at the heart of the UNESCO biosphere reserve. 41 species of trees, 1,600 species of plants and 350 different types of minerals have been identified, 40 of which are unique to Mont Saint-Hilaire. Between Lake Hertel and the famous Pain de Sucre summit, there is plenty to do for hiking and cross-country skiing enthusiasts.


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