Sainte Julie

St. Julie is among the best cities in Canada to raise children in 2017.
Based on criteria such as accessibility to a family doctor and recreational services, family income, unemployment rate, access to property, among others, the ranking of the entirely electronic publication indicates that Sainte-Julie ranks 24th among the best cities in Canada for families wishing to raise their children and 18th in the province. Young people would also be in large numbers in the territory of Julieville as it is indicated that those under 15 years of age would constitute 20.6% of the population.
Its neighbor, Varennes, is also part of the ranking since it is ranked 60th in Canada out of a total of 100 cities selected. It should be noted that Quebec cities are doing very well, monopolizing the first six places on the list, where the city of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville occupies a prominent position.


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